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How to Become Successful on deviantART!

After studying other deviants and their submissions, I have compiled a short article on how to become successful on deviantART. Everything you need to know to become a success is listed in this deviation.
(NOTE: If you find any of these steps unorthodox or unusual...don't do 'em!)

The Three "Gets" of deviantART!

Step 1: Get Friends
This is a no brainer, and also the most important rule on any artwork/social networking site! You aren't going to get famous as a nobody. You need some friends to help get you started.

Step 2: Get Ideas
Passion is what motivates you to create, to draw, to write, to do anything and everything on dA. It is important to have passion...and what better way to do that than get ideas from others or from that creative mass in your head you call your brain! Ideas are meant for inspiration. Look at other successful artists (Not necessarily on deviantART) and see their methods, and this will help you with inspiration.
(NOTE: Stealing ideas is plagarism! It is illegal as well as disrespectful to both you and your artist peers. Don't do it!)

Step 3: Get Talent!
So, great! You have an idea and you are ready to make your deviation. Well, talent is a big thing in an artworking site. Ask anyone! Unless you are a wizard, you won't fair too well against the more skilled deviants on this site. Talent is very important, and, luckily for you, it isn't hard to obtain. Practice makes perfect! If you still have trouble with talent, photography is your fail-safe! After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, and just about any picture will suffice on this site...

The 3 "Do Not's" of deviantART

Do Not Watch Everyone!!!
It sounds creepy, and it is! Not everyone is worth watching, especially if you're only watching them because you want them to watch you back. Only watch the select few that are special to YOU. Watching everyone just causes people to ignore you!

Do Not Do "Nothing"!
By this, I mean always comment and get involved in the deviantART community. If you are sitting in front of your computer screen hoping for sudden success...then you'll be waiting quite a long time. Artists like you need to spread the word about yourself. Get involved in groups, comment, favorite, and be friendly! (Especially the latter three).

DO NOT PLAGARIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just like the real world, the artists give a crap if you steal their ideas without credit and permission. It is wrong and it is illegal. That is the number one way to get you ZERO popularity. You don't want to be known as the deviant who steals ideas, do you?

Tips From Personal Experiences:

Favorite...A LOT!
Artists really like it when others like their work. One click of the mouse, and you send good feelings to them. It's really simple. Of course, don't overdo it. Know your limit and be popular in no time!

Comment! Comment! Comment!
Artists love feedback. More importantly, they love POSITIVE feedback. Something nice and MEANINGFUL to say really makes the artist feel wanted. Do what you can to critique their work, but be friendly. Saying something hurtful will get you banned and make the artist feel bad. The artists on deviantART post for entertainment, so don't take that away from them...

Those Damn Pageviews...
Believe it or not: the pageviews actually don't really matter. If you are really that concerned with pageviews, then you are completely missing the whole concept of deviantART! Pageviews are just numbers. The actual content on deviantART is what counts. That's what the deviants and visitors want to see. When they do visit your page, make sure it's worth visiting.
(NOTE: If you are really that concerned with pageviews, I believe there's a button called "REFRESH"...)

The Fail-Safes...
There are three things you can always do as a last resort. The first is women! deviantART viewers (for some unknown reason) love viewing women, whether they are real or cartoon drawings. Number one rule: the less clothes, the better! I personally do not resort to this particular Fail-Safe, but it's always an option!
The second is anime. Anything anime related is a guaranteed success, even if it totally sucks! Anime is huge on deviantART and it garners millions of artists who specialize only in anime. Plus, everyone loves it! (Pokemon is a prime example) The only drawback is it is very hard to master, but hey! It's a Fail-Safe, nonetheless.
The final Fail-Safe is poetry. Lemme tell you: IT IS HARD TO SCREW UP POETRY! Poetry is easy to learn, but hard to master. There are few poets on deviantART that I know that are actually really good. It's not hard to write something about nature or stuff like that. Expressing in words can be very easy...especailly with Haikus!

I hope the information provided proves useful. My goal is to make all the artists more popular and achieve success quicker and easier. If you manage to get more popular than me (Which shouldn't be TOO hard), then I've accomplished my goal!

-TheOrderOfNightmare (T.O.O.N.)
Advice to all fellow deviants out there. READ THIS! It will prove useful. :)
I have consulted many other deviants who had and have more success than I do. They helped me create this, and they know what they are talking about.
This is not meant to insult. It is merely an advice deviation of suggestions on how to become more popular.
If you found it helpful, I have done my job :D

Oh, and once you're successful, you should check out this followup, entitled How to Stay Successful on DeviantArt
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Just joking :) But seems like hard work to do this article and I appreciate it. God job.

Cheers ! 
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Thank you for making this mountain into a mole hill!!! I may actually have a shot at this, so thank you! 
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thank you for sharing it. is this work??? 
TheOrderOfNightmare Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2015
Nothing is guaranteed to work. These are just tips, which we hope work for you.
TESLA-tower Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
im gonna try it out
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TheOrderOfNightmare Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2015
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akshayrajchovhan Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
so um...I don't even know if 'm successful here...that's funny lol. I watch few people they are great artists, I dunno if the number will now increase, I'm original, got talent, publish deviations frequently...try to keep my promises here (like if I say in a comment I would do a sketch or render, I do it) give comments, spend some time browsing deviations and click fav button and even publish journals too...then why 'm I feeling unsuccessful here or it's just me confused about what success on DA really means :( (Sad)
TheOrderOfNightmare Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2014
It's a morality thing. As long as you feel successful, that's the important thing.
akshayrajchovhan Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks :D
xbrian92x Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2013
Anime is animation so can you post animation? Or do you mean drawing anime/manga style characters and manga/comic pages.
TheOrderOfNightmare Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2013
The trend seems to be anime/manga style, but if you are more than welcome to do animation if you love doing it.
EbonyDreamIvory Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I never thought of some of this, but the last bit was something I noticed too...Go figure, lol. In any case, it seems to be true. Now to devote more time to other stuff and remove a few people from my deviantWATCH! :D lol
Mellow-N Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you so much for this, It's like I don't even have to worry anymore, a huge weight has been lifted of my shoulders. :p
TheOrderOfNightmare Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2013
You're quite welcome. :)
missZoid Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013
Thank you for writing this down
what a noble goal you have
hopeful it wont be wasted on death ears... er, eyes (you know cause you wrote it down, not say it)
.... or the just "bad at computer stuff" as hell ppl (aka me)
thank you, again
TheOrderOfNightmare Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013
Thank you for the compliment! I'm glad you found it helpful! :)
missZoid Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013
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this helps XD
xEternalSkyx Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I've actually found it a little insulting when a user favorite's my work and I check on them either to say a little thank you or send a llama or whatever and then I see that they have like thousands of pages of favorites.

Just my opinion ._.
ChibiAkita Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Thank you so very much for sharing this! It is fantastic, and covers the basics quite well...! Keep up the great work...!
TheOrderOfNightmare Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2012
Thank you! :D
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