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Life as a Princess
Episode 105

Welcome back to the show. It's Spring Break for a lot of you. Does that sound fun? It should. Anyway, let's see what there is to look forward to in the coming days.

In U.S. News
The gas prices around the nation are rising as a result of the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. That's just great. It's now gonna cost even more for me to fill up my tank. I don't like spending money, as you may have known. Perhaps I can ask Vibravo for some money? I hear he makes a decent amount as the host of Origins Radio Network. We'll see.

In Media News
Mark Wahlberg is hosting the Kids Choice know, the show that doesn't make a difference to anyone? Seriously, that show is purely for the kids. Celebrities like Selena Gomez, Miranda Cosgrove, and Jenette McCurdy always win awards. It's not really that surprising. Kids are dumb, and they always vote for their favorites, instead of who deserves in a way, it's the most fair award of them all!

In Local News
There was a fire at a household last night. No one was hurt, but the cause is currently unknown. That always scares me. If the officials don't know what happened, I feel frightened. What the heck could be going on to have a fire? Is it just mistakes, or was it a gas leak or a pyromaniac? That's always something to be worried about. Once again, I'll have to ask Vibravo for protection.

That concludes tonight's episode. I hope your lives are all princess lives like mine. See you later!
The 105th episode. Topics: Gas Prices Rising, Kids Choice Awards, Fire in Household
RaijiNinja Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2014
money? i'm sure that vibravo fella will give her the D(ollars) :iconimsopervyplz:
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